Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Ranting had an impressive single thread on her, but it wasn't THAT long (and I officially sealed the deal about not getting back in there ... oh well, I never posted there either ... I'll prob get unsubbed here by next month).

razberiswrl Posted on 5/13/08
Pass a Note!

1) Bzzt! Wrong answer. We had no such thing, nothing impressive anyway. She certainly never earned a sticky. She's not big on our radar; I believe you're thinking of the Hoffs. See previous references in this blog (Zen's c&p of their conversations about kitty). The Hoffs are the ones who jump all over her practically every time she posts.

2) How in the world did you "officially seal the deal?" You got deactivated for not posting... period. Don't think you're so "special." NO ONE has "sealed the deal." Ranting is open to ALL who wish to join and can follow the rules, which are surprisingly simple.

a) Post the required intro upon activation and be truthful.
b) What happens on ranting, stays on ranting.
c) No lurking.

This ranter calls bullshit.