Wednesday, January 30, 2008


And now on to another subject. From comments in a blog--you know the one--about a caught troll.

Super fly said...
Manisha is one of the trolls who posts shit on BBC, then blames the ranters.
January 30, 2008 12:17 PM

And you didn't believe us?

Oh MANisha, if you think Ashley is tough on people that cross her, you obviously haven't dealt with the ranters. We suggest you be very careful.

Who the fuck is this MANisha chick anyway?

Go, Rebecca!

For once we agree:

Date: 2:53 PM
To: All
From: Sugar Pants
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Huh. so the drama blogger wants good drama. which she says is trolls, goofy jokes, and holier than thou posters.
so if she blogs about Zen, will she have to add lying, sneaking, backstabbing, traitorous wench of a drama queen to the categories.
i'd like to see that.

Glad to see that you aren't believing any of her lying bullshit. Like her response to Irish on the deleted thread:

"Mary, not asking anyone to forgive or forget, we all know what I did sucked royally of me (to you guys, not the others)..."

She'd been a part of the hoffs for a very short while, yet on ranting since Feb. 2006 and on yet other boards with other ranters for years, but her loyalty was to the hoffs? Glad to hear you aren't falling for her "sweetness." She's devious and evil and not to be trusted by anyone. I hope her "friends" that came and posted on her behalf take notice.

Oh, and she lied when she said she just found out about all the drama last night. A little birdie told us that they checked her s/n just yesterday to see the last time she had logged in, and it just happened to be that morning at 10am. She's been following all this drama the whole time and loving every minute of it. We knew the attention whore drama queen wouldn't be able to keep from posting for long.

So here's a question, how the hell do people like Baked Beans get banned over the drama, but she, the instigator, does not? If BBC had an ounce of respectability, they would ban her and let everyone else they banned back on.

Go fuck yourself, Mellissa Xenakis

I know you visit us, we see your IP.

Have you got your beach picked out yet?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sorry Charlies!

Paranting is not accepting new members now (unless you are invited by a current member). We've had open registration in the past, but with all the drama or the past few months, I'm afraid we're closed.

So please don't bother registering, we probably won't even have time to email you to let you know that you can't come in.

This is as close as you'll get!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

One Smart Cookie

No idea who this is, but she most certainly is one smart cookie:

To: All
From: mom2gage
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Disclaimer: I would like to say that I am neither a hoff or a r@nter. I am not defending or attacking either group.
I am, or soon to be was, a member of an off site board. The members of this board are all very regular posters here. I am also a regular here but had to create a new sn for obvious reasons. These regular members have cleverly figured out that they can make up new sn's and troll to their hearts content because everything they do or say will be blamed on the r@nters. I am not defending the r@nters. They have said and done things in the past that I have not agreed with. I am tired of all the drama lately being blamed on the wrong group and feel the blame should be placed with the correct offenders.
Believe me or don't believe me. It doesn't matter to me. I couldn't sit and watch all of this any longer without saying something. I felt the truth should be told.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

And we're up to THREE

This time it's on the infamous new blog:

The first little beauty we have to share with you is this teeny tiny one concerning the end of the world. We’re not sure what the poster who started the thread was going for, but some how it turned into a JamesGoesBuzzBuzz (a ranter? a friend of the ranters?

Now we're even blamed for threads we haven't seen. LOVE IT!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Bzzzt, wrong again, Samhasamagicfuckstick

Date: 7:28 PM
To: All
From: Samantha-I-Amantha

Okay, I now am almost positive this is a regular poster passing herself off as the OP via the OP's friend. Did anyone follow that?

The five bucks no one took me up on is now being used to bet that the R@nters, Hoffs, or Elvi are behind this. Or perhaps another spin-off board I'm unaware of.

Let's start keeping a tally of how often the dumbasses blame lame trolls on the ranters. We'll start with the recent one below from Rebecca the fucktard and add Samantha's. So we've got TWO.

If we were to troll it would be much funnier than this.

BTW: I thought this was funny as hell:

Date: 7:41 PM
To: All
From: pandahugging fool
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Am I the only one who thought the Samantha comment was spot on? She does kind of have a "spank me, big boy" face going on. I mean, I would think that is what that face *might* look like. I said too much.

Did any of you see Samantha's recent real pic of herself? Not only is the hair changed (as she has admitted, that's not her real hair), but so has the rest of her.

But the avatar's SOOPER cute, chica.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


From an anonymous commenter:

Anonymous said...
fyi, PBS has used another screen name, despite her saying she never has. During her banning she was momalovingfool. She never even bothered to change her font or the fact that she never capitalizes anything.
January 19, 2008 2:41 PM

So we all know the hoffs, despite their protests against anyone else who does it, have alternative screen/troll names. There's a c&p below from their board that discusses Kathi's trolling. Now we have PBS' alternate s/n. Any others you want to share? How about any non-Hoffs? Let's have some fun!

Thanks anonymous commenter!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

As we expected...

...Rebecca was lying.

Rebecca: quit trying to start crap. It just makes you look dumb.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Rebecca: Go for it!

Date: 3:19 PM
To: All
From: Sugar Pants
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Oh come on now Barney, you want to call it out, call it out.
Besides, where did I state *fact* i some parant is behind this mess? No where. I didn't. I said what I think. Am I right? Am I wrong? I think I'm right. I could prove it, but to do that I'd have to splatter someone personal crap all over the board. Really, what's the point of that? To out some troll that no one cares about on a thread that no one cares about? Sheesh. I'm just sharing what I think, along with everyone else.
I've no need to get nasty about it. Sorry that you feel the need to do so.

And I really don't think that loving my life was "nasty about it." You must have some thin skin.

ETA: if you don't feel comfortable posting on the BH board (and I can't blame you; I don't feel comfortable posting much there either), please feel free to provide your proof with "personal crap" as a comment here. We've got nothing to hide: so please enlighten us with your "proof."

Dang, We Ranters are Smart

After doing a little research, we found a post on our board dated 12/27/07 where two of our super sleuths said they thought StirCrazy was Andrea. It was in reference to this thread:

Good work, gals!

Rebecca: You're a Fucktard

You're making yourself look awfully stupid. You can't blame everything on us. How conveniently you forget that we've actually been the ones to expose Andrea several times in the past.

Date: 9:52 AM
To: All
From: Sugar Pants
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Nope....this one reeks of a different parant to me.
Unless they also happen to be behind the whole Andrea thing as well.
Funny, she's usually more mean than pathetic.