Saturday, December 1, 2007

bcHOST_kim_i_sell_online again!

If you feel this woman has a conflict of interest being a host on BBC, email community.

It's fairly clear she is not unbiased and possibly a (former?) hoff member. If that's not a conflict, I don't know what is.

Date: 4:57 AM
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From: bcHOST_kim_i_sell_online
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And, yes, there are BIG fallacies on the blog. Remember, folks, its moderated so the blog owner can pick and choose what she wants to be public. It bothers me that Charlie's name has been raked through the mud. A LOT of the things said there about her are flat out NOT true, but there's no way to refute it there.
I find it pretty silly that they aren't realizing that their own 'members' are ratting them out....which was what caused the whole mess anyway.....posters going from one board to another tipping people off. I'm not sure why they would think they have exclusive rights to espionage....LOL!
And, yes. The stuff is so one-sided. I don't visit the Hoff board but I'm glad to hear they moved on. I hope they will all be back soon. I miss some of them!


Anonymous said...

Amen to that! It's so obvious she's a member there. From what I understand, that's a big no no for hosts. And if the hoffs were really moving on like they claim, that thread wouldn't have over 100 posts. God, they're stupid.

Quick question. Why does the host, who swears she's not a member of that board, have our photos? According to Charlie she has them, along with Rebecca too. Strange, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

What is the hofftards board?

Anonymous said...

Can you post who all has left?

Specifically, VERBATIM goodbyes.


Anonymous said...

Kim isn't a hoffy.

cumoniwanalayya said...

Why do people care that Kim is a "host"? Hosts can't do crap, they have no powers. Who gives a rip if Kim is a host and a hoffie???

dkile said...

LET IT GO!!!!!!!!!!