Wednesday, January 16, 2008

As we expected...

...Rebecca was lying.

Rebecca: quit trying to start crap. It just makes you look dumb.


Anonymous said... out! PBS knows what to do.

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ditto creamedcorn happy i'm pbs and have always been pbs. i haven't been on today so i must have missed the duhhhhrama. oh well, that's a good thing.

all of the new screennames make me nutso because i have no idea who is who. once i figure it out i know what to do

jacqui said...

oh, and don't have a stalker. No one cares about you that much.

Anonymous said...

Don't you have a life to just DROP IT. Isn't there fresh meat on the board for you all to discuss & attack?

Anonymous said...

Quit blaming us for all the recent trolling. It's not us.

*NEWSFLASH* There are other boards out there who probably are annoyed by you assholes more than we are.

p.s. Charlie hasn't changed a bit, has she? She's still a fucktard with too much time on her hands. While we're at it, please tell OrlyYarly she's needs to get off the computer and clean that fucking pigsty of hers. Can we say gross?

CeeCee said...

Can we just stop talking about PBS? She's already a big enough attention whore without adding to it.

Anonymous said...

fyi, PBS has used another screen name, despite her saying she never has. During her banning she was momalovingfool. She never even bothered to change her font or the fact that she never capitalizes anything.

Anonymous said...

You are correct that PBS did have another name. But honestly who cares? Why is all of this stuff being dragged out still? This is all so many months ago & it's still going on?

Anonymous said...

Actually all of this had been dropped. It was Rebecca and Charlie that just had to bring it up again on the bargain board. Rebecca "thinks" she's a fucking genius (which, btw, she has yet to provide proof of), and Charlie keeps making her usual lame remarks about us. Rebecca and Charlie brought this up on the bargain board AGAIN, first. Not us. We have a right to defend ourselves. If you don't like it, quit reading this blog. It's that simple.

If THEY wanted all of this to drop, it would be. You can thank them for this once again. They can't keep their damn mouths shut long enough to let it die.

Anonymous said...

funny cause rebeccca and charlie can't stand one another. oh and rebecca left the hoff board.

Ranting said...

So is anybody left on the hoff board? Samagichuck or whatever her name is left, Rebecca left, etc. They sure imploded quickly. Most boards, but Ranting, do!