Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Rebecca: You're a Fucktard

You're making yourself look awfully stupid. You can't blame everything on us. How conveniently you forget that we've actually been the ones to expose Andrea several times in the past.


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To: All
From: Sugar Pants
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Nope....this one reeks of a different parant to me.
Unless they also happen to be behind the whole Andrea thing as well.
Funny, she's usually more mean than pathetic.


Anonymous said...

LMAO! I was JUST coming over here to tell you all this. She's made at least one more post blaming you guys. And if it IS you then, so what??
Rebecca has issues.

P.S. My word verification word is kind of naughty sounding. haha

Anonymous said...

Fucktard is right.

You know what your problem is Rebecca? You are trying way too hard to be snarky and "fit in". You're making yourself look like a dumbass.

Quit worrying about us. I would think with all the stalking you do on Kitty, Planegirl and pastachic you'd all be too busy to think of us.