Friday, January 25, 2008

Bzzzt, wrong again, Samhasamagicfuckstick

Date: 7:28 PM
To: All
From: Samantha-I-Amantha

Okay, I now am almost positive this is a regular poster passing herself off as the OP via the OP's friend. Did anyone follow that?

The five bucks no one took me up on is now being used to bet that the R@nters, Hoffs, or Elvi are behind this. Or perhaps another spin-off board I'm unaware of.

Let's start keeping a tally of how often the dumbasses blame lame trolls on the ranters. We'll start with the recent one below from Rebecca the fucktard and add Samantha's. So we've got TWO.

If we were to troll it would be much funnier than this.

BTW: I thought this was funny as hell:

Date: 7:41 PM
To: All
From: pandahugging fool
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Am I the only one who thought the Samantha comment was spot on? She does kind of have a "spank me, big boy" face going on. I mean, I would think that is what that face *might* look like. I said too much.

Did any of you see Samantha's recent real pic of herself? Not only is the hair changed (as she has admitted, that's not her real hair), but so has the rest of her.

But the avatar's SOOPER cute, chica.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget that the Hoffs have a photobucket account full of lovely photos of the ranters. It's funny that you ladies like to call people fat and ugly seeing the photos that we have of you. Pot meet kettle.

Don't flatter yourselves ladies, you are far from innocent.

Ranting said...

Yes, the Hoffs are real peaches, aren't they? Too many beers tonight, hon? Did you forget that your supposed to portray the Hoffs as innocents?

Ranting said...

Oh, and who said who's "fat and ugly?" Reading into things again?

Ranting said...

Doh, please excuse typo: should say "you're," of course.

Anonymous said...

Keep an eye on the chic with bad teeth.

Anonymous said...

Oh and talk about attention whores. It's hilarious how Gretchen calls herself HeadHoff. Pat yourself on the back darling. What an accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

To the 1st commenter: Don't forget that the Ranters also have a photobucket account full of lovely photos of the Hoffs. Thanks Zen! Fair is fair. But I must say, a lot of you got hit hard with that ugly stick! LMAO!

We're so glad that crazy Rebecca likes her new nickname. We have plenty more if she bores of that one.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should post their photos on the bb and have people vote who is uglier. Now that would be a fun poll.

yvonne said...

i think you're all so beautiful! The ranters, the hoffs, and the elvi are all gorgeous! you are all supermodels who put cindy crawford to shame! none of you are ugly, not one!