Wednesday, November 7, 2007

It seems the Hoff's still had some questions...

as to wether or not Zen was screwing them too. Well here's your answer, straight from Zen's keyboard... It sure was nice of her to share the memberlist complete with some email addresses.

ZenKnackKiss Heap O' ShitName: NarcTardJoined: 22 Feb 2006Posts: 2230Karma: +21/-94
Posted: Sun Oct 28, 2007 12:03 am Post subject:

B/c it sucks!! Other than the Planegirth shit there's nothing interesting. JustKidsandMeNow has gone psycho over her dh leaving (truly fucked up over it), SweatyCheese's ex-dh is supposedly the guitarist for the Cherry Poopin Daddies- remember their one hit wonder, and BMJJB (voctoria/labuse cunt girl) has no cleavge, or self-respect. They did infiltrate a spin-of board from PGs bb, but nothing interesting there either.

Oh, and PBS is one step away from being banned, so feel free to push that one.

Here's the list: View All Members View By Letter View Top Posters View Staff Members Name Email Website Position Posts Extras
Gretchen Administrator 356
Gretchen wishes she was attention loving wiener gobbler hidden New Member 36
Mrs.Hoff hidden Screaming Monkey 422
Cake Screaming Monkey 256
candlehoff hidden Full Drama Mama 138
celine Screaming Monkey 449
creamedcorn hidden New Member 39
debandlogiebear Full Drama Mama 245
dirtysanchez hidden Half-A-Hoff 82
ebsmith1 hidden Half-A-Hoff 51
IrishHoff hidden Full Drama Mama 126
jypzi Full Drama Mama 157
schnugs_mom Half-A-Hoff 70
leann1973 New Member 1
lemony hidden New Member 6
lovemyhoffie hidden Full Drama Mama 122
mom2amazinggrace hidden New Member 2
mrsdavis78 hidden Full Drama Mama 130
Heather Junkie 512
ohiomomtofour hidden New Member 4
pandasmom hidden Full Drama Mama 203
poweredbystarbucks hidden Full Drama Mama 144
Putang Power! hidden Screaming Monkey 303
purplesparkle Screaming Monkey 311
rebecca hidden Full Drama Mama 124
samagichuck hidden Full Drama Mama 136
sasquatch hidden New Member 9
solomoleka hidden New Member 22
spoogelover Full Drama Mama 108
SuddenlyEyeSee My boring A-S-S blog Full Drama Mama 145
tiffany529 hidden New Member 32
travelfamily hidden New Member 16
upbuttcoconut hidden Half-A-Hoff 83

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