Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Zen (rhymes with Smacks, starts with an "H" LOL) into a BBC poster's photobucket account

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This morning JK posted the photobucket link to Jordans pic, so being the evil genius and super-shacker (take away the "s") I am, I cracked her PW- "[edited to protect the innocent]".
On her PB was not only pics of her but also a tax form with her address and SS# lol.

Then I tried her email account, same PW. Found some hilarious juicy shit on there.
Yahoo ID: [edited to protect the innocent]
if you want to check it out.

I haven't messed with anything yet as I want to keep up with it all, just for the fun of it. Then there were a couple of posts on BBC for JK to email a poster and same from a host, reguarding some personal information of hers. So I used her email acct to email them, and the email they sent back is somehwere above, basically someone said "there are people on a Yahoo board with tax forms with her personal info on it from her photobucket". Unless someone else figured it out too this morning- could be likely, I suppose, as a lot of people hate jk and there are a lot of BBC hate boards- but most likely we have a rat. It really is kind of odd she didn't say anything about me having her email PWs and such, there was just as sensitive info on there that I could easily access just by requesting passwords- her PayPal, bank acct, etc.

Zen then proceeded to sign up as J/K on another off shoot board and pose as her. Sent emails back and forth to a BH host as J/K about her things getting shacked (take away the "s") into, and more. All of this was her doing, which of course, she was bragging about...

ZenKnackKissHeap O' ShitName: NarcTardJoined: 22 Feb 2006Posts: 2230Karma: +21/-94
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Um, no, it's more like this I'm too proud to not take the 100% credit for this lol BTW, I fully expect my bitch blinkie now. At least "the coolest bitch who really didn't do anything other than use common sense and got to it first" blinkie

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