Monday, November 12, 2007

So you want more

We've been getting requests for more information. What exactly do you want us to answer? Fire away.

To expand upon the story in our first post:

Zen has been a member of Ranting since Feb. of 2006. Recently she joined the Hoff board and started copying and pasting their posts to share with Ranting members. It turns out she was doing the same to the Ranters and c&p-ing their posts from Ranting onto the Hoff board. In addition she shared pictures of the Ranters, taken, of course, from a thread titled "Post Your Worst Picture."

The Hoffs then took it upon themselves to post the pictures and the c&p they had received from the Ranting board on BBC.

Needless to say, Zen is no longer a member of the ranting board, and if the Hoffs have an ounce of "smart," they've also booted her.

Zen is not mentally stable, and to be fair, we should have known to boot her a long time ago. She's done things like call the authorities when Anna stalked her, she in turn stalked J/K (see post below), on the Hoff board she called planegirl's husband then bragged about it on ranting. We put up with her hypochondriac, hysterical recent pregnancy. Yeah, we should have known. We should have known.

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Anonymous said...

Since we know that the Hofftards are probably still reading this, please someone let the whiny Irish chick know that it wasn't "us" who screwed with her photobucket account, or whatever it is she happens to think we did. She's really not as important as she seems to think she is.