Friday, November 30, 2007

WAH! They didn't publish our comments.

If sweet little Rebecca had published ours, theirs would be here. We still published at least some.


Anonymous said...

this is news? this is worth me checking out this blog three times a day for? this happened freaking weeks ago. come on! give us the good dirt.

oh, wait. maybe you dont have any????

mulva said...

umm, yeah. Rebecca didn't publish mine either. I asked her, "What, so you only publish what 100% agrees with you?"
Here is the email I got back:

Correct. My blog, my rules. Only comments that I approve go up. Too bad for you.

Didn't anyone ever tell Rebecca dissent is a good thing? NASA agrees.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet you a million damn dollars that she didn't have one single drink.

Anonymous said...

Do they know how STUPID it sounds for grown women to be calling themselves "Hoffies?" Kathy is the worst at it. Completely ridiculous!

Ranting said...

3X a day? Don't you have a life?